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Jewelry Maintenance

① Daily Care
· Put your jewelry at last and take it off first when dressing & undressing.
· Never wear costume jewelry in the shower or pool. Soaps, conditioners & other chemicals can discolor, dull or cause pieces to fade.
· Oils, lotions & excessive sweat can ruin the finish of your piece. Try not to touch pieces excessively. (consider wearing gloves when handling)

② Cleaning
· Never use cleaners containing alcohol, acid, ammonia or vinegar.
· Polish your jewelry and gently dry with a soft cloth.
· After cleaning, make sure your jewelry is completely dry before storing.

③ Storage
· Store the jewelry individually in a jewelry bag, Ziplock bag, or gift box to protect it from humidity and scratches.
· Store your jewelry box it in a cool or warm place. Do not keep the jewelry in a plastic bag if it is wet.
· Glass or Crystal jewelry pieces are very delicate and could break easily. They should be stored between layers of cotton or gift box to avoid breakage. 

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